Ask The Experts About At Home Senior Care– Big Success!

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If you missed our Ask the Experts event on August 3, then, well, you missed our Ask the Experts event! Sessions were PACKED with information from highly knowledgeable experts in the fields of Medicare & Supplemental Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, VA Benefits, Home Care Services in Houston and Nearby Areas, and Essential Oils & Wellness Solutions. A quick break for lunch and we were back at it again.

“Wow, what a day. I’m so glad I came! Can we do this again? SOON?!”

Jane Lehto, MRR Medical Reimbursement Resource; Liebe Ostro Miller, Ostrow Financial Group; Ruth-Ann Toups, The Hilbun Law Firm; Kim Tweedel, Advocates for the Independent; and Dorothy Gurka, Young Living presented an informative program that had everyone focused and impressed. A Q&A session followed each segment and was restricted only by time. Pity we had to stay on schedule!
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It’s a complicated world out there these days, especially in the areas of insurance, benefits and health. Washington has been more productive than we think and it takes heavy expertise to keep up with many of the changes happening right now. Think you know about all the Seniors issues and At-Home Senior Care? Well, you’d be surprised how much help the experts can be. We’re proud to be among such amazing resources and appreciate their involvement in our event. Thanks, everybody!

As a professional provider of caregivers for the elderly in Missouri City, TX and the surrounding areas, Advocates for the Independent is always happy to work with other senior care experts in our area. Contact us at (713) 609-9908 to let us know if you would like to partner for an event.

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